Property Monitoring Systems

CCTV is a deterrent and protection tool which provides Visual Verification of events. The design of the system is extremely important  Tiger Computers & Security will walk you through your needs to ensure the correct system is delivered, from a single camera system to multiple camera projects, recording digitally on site or signalling through to a control room.

CCTV solutions reduce crime and can provide a valuable record of key events for investigative purposes, providing 24/7 surveillance with live remote viewing access so you can see what’s happening at your business anytime.

There are numerous specifications of CCTV systems to choose from and at Tiger Computers & Security we provide a range of solutions to suit residential and businesses. Both Internal and external surveillance systems are available and can be integrated with other proprietary systems such as Access Control, Fire and Intruder Alarms. Infra-red and low-light night vision is available, especially for externally mounted systems and discreet/covert monitoring systems are available as well, allowing you to monitor audio and video anywhere in and around your facility.

Intruder Alarms

Smart Alarm Systems


All in one two-way wireless panel with Digi WIFI communicator

  • Maximum total zones 66

  • 32 wireless zones expandable to 64

  • 2 wires zones expandable to 34

  • 3 Programmable wired outputs expandable to 38

  • 80 user codes, 32 wireless key fobs with individual user ID

  • Built in proximity reader (set/unset with tag)

  • 4 level sets or 4 independent arears (version 10 only)

  • Wide Range of two-way wireless peripherals available

  • Security Grade 2, Environmental class II

  • Customisable push notifications

  • PyronxCloud is a yearly subscription service

  • Keeping you ahead of the curve with DIGI-WIFI included as standard

  • In the digital age we continue to demand products and services which are aligned with our lifestyle; products which allow us to stay connected all the time.  This system realises that opportunity by providing IP connectivity through the built in WIFI modem and ProControl+ app available on iOS and Android devices.


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